Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Asuu Mad?

Too much books can made one mad is a general belief and with the dressing and hairstyle of some old lecturers could also be true. An emperor in the bible also accused Paul of being mad from too much reading.Former president Obasanjo was in ABU last week and said the solution to the FG/ASUU stalemate is for government to understand ASUU's idiosyncrasy. My interpretation of that big grammar is ASUU's madness.Really what is the solution, Who is mad, ASUU, FG or both?

Access Bank, Sanusi And The 16 Billion Naira Loan

Is it true that United alliance belonging to the MD and DMD of Access bank owes Intercontinental bank 16 billion according to CBN debtor's list?Is it true that the money was use to buy access bank shares?Since Access bank cannot use his own money to buy his own shares, he can float a company and collect money from another bank to buy the shares and return the favour to the other bank by also giving them loan, nice way of beating BOFIDWe are told they ve paid back another 1billion so the loan is performing, but is it true that the value of shares is just about 50% of the loan as at now?The bank might write off the loan but what is Sanusi saying about it?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hillary Clinton cause trouble for Nigeria Bankers

Analyst have explained that if Hillary Clinton had not visited Nigeria Cecilia Ibru and co will not be in EFCC's cell.

Hillary abused the government and EFCC so much they decided something must be done urgently to divert attention, which is why CBN rushed out the report of 10 banks instead of waiting for them to finish for all the other banks.

That is also the reason why EFCC dey do oversabi so as to be relevant and prove Hillary wrong.

Nigeria: Where Ministers are billionaire

How many ministers are billionaires? That is the question we are asking EFCC since they know what we don't know.

EFCC when granting their administrative bail said they want a guarantee of a billion naira from a bank that doesn't have problem.

They later said they want somebody with a house in Ikoyi or Asokoro, ........

Finally they said the applicant must be a minister of the federal republic......

I have been wondering who is the minister with a house in Asokoro and worth over a billion......but none of the ministers get liver to confess they have stolen that much including....... I wont mention names

Nigeria Biggest Billionaire

When you are big, you are big.....

Aliko Dangote once again used this banking reform to prove he is bigggggg.

While others are still arguing you owe, i don't owe and debating when and how they will pay, Uncle Aliko not only paid back the money he is said to be owing he also paid back 20% excess.

I think Jimoh Ibrahim should go to him for training about how to be a big man cos after he made a lot of noise about how much he is owing, he still paid back less than half of what he claimed he is owning.....

Level pass level

Comedian of the Year (Banking reform)

Ali Baba, Tee A, Gordons and co might have to go to court that Farida Waziri is practicing as a comedian without licence, and making them to loss income

The woman giving ultimatum to everybody to pay back debts, her bail conditions, the claim or lie of the number of debtors in EFCC custody, using Interpol to get Akingbola.......

I am told people have stopped going to comedy show in Lag, they just watch the news for what is the latest from Aunty Farida......