Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exposed: Reasons why President Obama is scared of coming to Nigeria - Part 2.

This is the concluding part of why Barrack - the Son of Obama is not coming to Nigeria.
Corruption is rampart in Nigeria.
Election was rigged in Ekiti.
War in the Niger delta.
Bad infrastructure, etc.
We can go on and on but Nigeria is saying he is going to Ghana because Ghana is better than Nigeria.
We need to ask ourselves that is he visiting Ghana and not South Africa because Ghana is better than South Africa? Lets get serious, American president visits a country not because they are better than each other or even because of the state of the economy.
We should face more important issues than crying over the fact that Obama prefer kenke to pounded yam.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Exposed: Reasons why President Obama is scared of coming to Nigeria

The biggest story in the last 2 weeks is that Obama is not coming to Nigeria but going to Ghana, as if there is a law that says he must come to Nigeria.

We have however investigated the reason why the Kenyan basketball playing president is giving Nigeria a wide berth. Some of the reasons include....

Dog meat is a delicacy. The first family do not want to risk the new addition to the family, BO.

Randy Governors. Its a fashion statement for governors to marry young president's daughters and Obama has 2 daughters.

Kidnapping. Michelle Obama might be kidnapped by militants since they are now operating in Abuja and Kaduna.

Stoning. Professor Wole Soyinka is practicing in preparation to stone Barrack and the man killed a lot of lizards and pigeons when young.....

Watch out for the concluding part.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nobel Laureate, Soyinka promise to stone President Obama

Thisday newspaper have quoted prof wole Soyinka of promising to stone President Obama if he made the mistake of coming to Nigeria .“If Obama decides to grace Nigeria with his presence, I will stone him”
This is a serious threat remembering what happen to George Bush in Iraq.

Also with Soyinka hairstyle, big grammars etc he will be able to claim temporary insanity as defense.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

Nigeria Oh Nigeria...We are back.....part 2

To all Manchester United fans congrats .....though people are asking what happened at half time against Wigan. Was there a phone call to the former Man. U boy and coach of Wigan- Steve Bruce by his former coach Sir Alex Fergurson.......?

Wenger decided to remove his 2 best players , haba if na Nigeria it will be called match fixing, Liverpool supporters don't mind them.

Benitez says Manchester United is not the best team in England, they just won......... I agree it must be Newcastle United abi.......

UEFA met and decided that 2 English clubs must not play champions league final cos of sponsorship so they put a doctor of madmen to referee the match especially since Drogba is on the field (did you see Drogba's reaction)......i did not say Drogba is mad oooo.

Rivers State governor will pick the players to play against Tunisia since FG has set up a high power panel to ensure we go to the world cup..........really that is very important

Nigeria oh Nigeria...We re back.....part 1

So sorry to have been away so long.........
Yar'adua no longer in purdah.....Did you notice Mr president is going out more and he even granted interviews. The enemies are put to shame that he can't go out.

The secret of how Dangote and Otedola enter Forbes list.....both of them accusing each other of playing the stock market....is it true that Dangote stayed in Otedola's house for 6 years, was he that broke....am still laughing over the allegations and counter allegations.....its number one comedy this year.

British MPs competing with Nigeria lawmakers.....It seems na everywhere dem dey steal or how is it that so many British MPs collected money for expenses that didn't make sense or doesn't exist, now they have given our lawmakers the excuse that corruption is everywhere.

Lobbying vs Bribing: We have been told that the trip to Ghana by lawmakers and the dollar sponsoring by oil company is not a bribe but lobbying....i need to do more English.

Elumelu is also a thief by EFCC.....We now know that its true that it takes a thief to catch a thief, that when Ndidi was shouting for power probe he dey do his own, not remembering that it is he without sin that should cast the first stone.

NCC, UBE, REA, NDIC ........who remain for Government, it seems EFCC is saying everybody is a thief ........ not only the governors, ministers, ribadu, el rufai but everybody.

Rebranding Nigeria......You can only rebrand what is a brand, so what is the Nigerian

Two Biggest lessons from Ekiti election......If Fayemi rigged in his local government and Oni rigged in his own na 1-1 goaless draw, AC should keep quiet. You can't understand women, what is mama REC saying about conscience, I still can't interpret.