Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presidential Debate Round 2: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

"US President Barack Obama's team says he will make a "strong" comeback in Tuesday's debate rematch with Republican Mitt Romney".

Part 1 should be good old debate convincing the audience why we should vote for either of them even if they don't have solution to America problem.

Part 2, lets give both of them a basketball, drop them on the court and lets see who can dunk better.

Part 3, Lets put both of them in a ring and see who is the best boxer.

Sorry its not CNN, i was just dreaming. Let me stand up and go get ready for the debate......

Who do you think will win this time?

Hulk Hogan sextape

Hulk Hogan has spoken.

He is of the opinion that no true friend will make public the sex video of his friend, whether for money or for anything else.

He believe that showing the video will mean they were never friends.

We just need to know that do friend sleep with each other woman?

We are are still waiting for Hulk to explain the new trend of sharing babe but not sharing video.

Five most popular footballers in the world

According to British Newspaper, Independent the most popular footballer and sportsman on Facebook is Cristiano Ronaldo. He can revel in becoming the first sportsman to receive over 50 million 'Likes' on Facebook. Every one in twenty people on Facebook like the Real Madrid Forward.

His lead of more than 10 million over Lionel Messi might not mean he is the better player but that he is more newsworthy.

The five most popular footballers according to the paper are......
1.Cristiano Ronaldo
2.Lionel Messi
3.David Beckham (21 million)
4.Kaka(18 million)
5.Andres Iniesta(10 million)

Did we all noticed that all the 5 are either playing or have played in Spain for Barcelona or Real Madrid meaning that Spanish league is probably the most popular in the world.......

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bisi Ibidapo-Obe's pregnancy: What El Rufai Is not telling us

El Rufai says that his friend Dino is not the owner of the pregnancy. How is he very sure or ever 'surer' than the mother, Maybe knows something Nigerians do not know.

A possibility is that he knows the father of the baby, another possibility is that HE is the father of the baby so he does not want another to take his child.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stephen Keshi needs our prayer.

Five million is a lot of money so i  will be praying for Stephen. Not even only the money but also the bonus and the prestige. I like wishing other people good.

The money is so much that NFF is always owing the man, i am hoping he will employ me as debt collector to be collecting the money for him and collecting 10% fee.

If Liberia beat Nigeria over the weekend the only reason that NFF wont sack him if he does not resign is football fan have decided to Aluu him.

Maybe the real reason i will be praying is that i want Nigeria to qualify whether Keshi or no Keshi, but do you believe Keshi have done enough to continue as coach and will qualify us for the world cup 2014 if we allow him to stay after the weekend?