Monday, November 21, 2016


11. People use you for shade or to block wind.


12. Your legs are always in the way on trains, buses, and airplanes.


13. The points of open umbrellas are always right at eye level.


14. Long sleeves are never long enough when I get home with the shirt and the suitView this image ›

 and pants are always way too short.


15. People ALWAYS insist you’ve grown since you last saw them and people ask how tall you are.


16. One size fits all never fits, so you have to sew instead of ready-made.


17. People think it’s socially acceptable to jump on your back without asking.


18. Everyone expects you to be good at sports at least basketball (but you’re not).



19. Long legs means naturally outpacing anyone you walk with.

20. Please help me add number 20

Friday, November 18, 2016


1. Low ceilings and ceiling fans can be dangerous.


2. Hugging that petite fine babe can be awkward.


3. You always have to stand in the back of group pictures even when you want to show off your new shoes or suit.


4. You are the brunt of joke imagine a young child asking you “What’s the weather like up there?”


5. Imagine having to crouch inside a car……


6. Everyone hates you at shows, church etc and don’t want to sit behind you.


7. You are the No 1 errand boy “I need someone tall to grab something!”


8. Most beds are way too small even when you try to slant or curve.


9. You haven’t been able to relax in a bathtub since you were 10 and you have to crouch to use shower.


10. Everyone uses you as a beacon in crowds. Imagine overhearing ‘I will be standing beside “Paul” at the party.

Watch out for part two

WHY I AM NOT GOING TO BANKS AGAIN (Another reason for online banking)……..

Don’t go to the bank unless it’s compulsory.

We were worried about gunshots from robbers now breaking news of 26 injured by a man setting himself on fire in a bank for unknown motive brings a new dimension to banking security

I have decided that since we are not too many in my family and my mum is too old to born a replacement that I will play safe sand use internet and phone for most if not all my banking transactions.


I thought being tall was an advantage as ladies love us TALL DARK and HANDSOME (TDH).

 I later discover that I might be too tall for some ladies but never start thinking about the danger until I saw this story on BBC about Mr Baraka who is too tall to be treated by doctors.

I also discover that tall people face higher risk of stray bullet and accident due to ceiling fan….do you know any other.