Thursday, November 5, 2009

The rantings of Farida Waziri

Pls can somebody ask me to leave Anty Farida and EFCC alone, since they did not kidnap my dad like Soludo Papa, i am not owing any bank, we are not fighting over a babe etc.....

Maybe i don't like hypocrite but she is not the only one in obodo Nigeria.

She is however the No 1 comedian in the country as at today welcome to the latest episode of Farida Waziri show......AIT and NTA take note before i sell the idea to FOX, ABC etc

1. America encourages Nigeria’s looting - Waziri; That is big sister answer to Hillary Clinton allegation that EFCC is no longer working. I agree with her that we loot because Obama allows us to but house in America and other country do not steal because they are banned from buying stuff in Yankee.....She is just too brilliant.....

2. Waziri: I was threatened over Bode George’s trial; If the head of EFCC was threatened and blackmail, what are we doing about it.....Its either the people behind the threats are bigger than her, her cupboard is full of skeleton or she is just not telling us the truth. I was wondering why the case was like that.......i now understand that its blackmail......

3. We will appeal Vaswani verdict; EFCC is saying they will appeal since they were not join in the suit...........Were they not in the country when the case was going on.......were they sleeping or because they were collecting debt they forgot.....I have a feeling they know they don't have a case....Its the game EFCC plays

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