Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tompolo's Paper: Secrets of the Niger Delta militants.

Tompolo's parent probably started the problem by naming him Government Ekpemupolo. He therefore felt he is another government with parallel structure.
His official resident was also called 'Aso rock' and governors and oil company flocked to it daily like the other Aso rock.
We are told that even the Vice president, Goodluck Jonathan was even a visitor and was told that all his securities must drop their arms outside camp 5, since he was in another government territory.
Informed sources told us that the documents recovered from the camps is worth a king's ransom and really show that the man was running a parallel government.
Details include......
His army/ civil servant: Records of all members, their emoulment, job function etc.
His bankers: Details of all banking transactions; The legal and the money laundering.
His sponsors: The governors, politicians, agencies, oil companies etc paying him.
His agents; Who was he paying in government, oil company etc.
Minutes of his meetings with politician, traditional rulers etc
We can go on, but just wait for the documents.

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