Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exposed: Reasons why President Obama is scared of coming to Nigeria - Part 2.

This is the concluding part of why Barrack - the Son of Obama is not coming to Nigeria.
Corruption is rampart in Nigeria.
Election was rigged in Ekiti.
War in the Niger delta.
Bad infrastructure, etc.
We can go on and on but Nigeria is saying he is going to Ghana because Ghana is better than Nigeria.
We need to ask ourselves that is he visiting Ghana and not South Africa because Ghana is better than South Africa? Lets get serious, American president visits a country not because they are better than each other or even because of the state of the economy.
We should face more important issues than crying over the fact that Obama prefer kenke to pounded yam.

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  1. Basically, it not a big deal at all, we should focus on the salvage of this nation rather than a visit that will not add any value to our economy!!!!!!!!