Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Five most popular footballers in the world

According to British Newspaper, Independent the most popular footballer and sportsman on Facebook is Cristiano Ronaldo. He can revel in becoming the first sportsman to receive over 50 million 'Likes' on Facebook. Every one in twenty people on Facebook like the Real Madrid Forward.

His lead of more than 10 million over Lionel Messi might not mean he is the better player but that he is more newsworthy.

The five most popular footballers according to the paper are......
1.Cristiano Ronaldo
2.Lionel Messi
3.David Beckham (21 million)
4.Kaka(18 million)
5.Andres Iniesta(10 million)

Did we all noticed that all the 5 are either playing or have played in Spain for Barcelona or Real Madrid meaning that Spanish league is probably the most popular in the world.......

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