Friday, May 22, 2009

Nigeria oh Nigeria...We re back.....part 1

So sorry to have been away so long.........
Yar'adua no longer in purdah.....Did you notice Mr president is going out more and he even granted interviews. The enemies are put to shame that he can't go out.

The secret of how Dangote and Otedola enter Forbes list.....both of them accusing each other of playing the stock it true that Dangote stayed in Otedola's house for 6 years, was he that still laughing over the allegations and counter allegations.....its number one comedy this year.

British MPs competing with Nigeria lawmakers.....It seems na everywhere dem dey steal or how is it that so many British MPs collected money for expenses that didn't make sense or doesn't exist, now they have given our lawmakers the excuse that corruption is everywhere.

Lobbying vs Bribing: We have been told that the trip to Ghana by lawmakers and the dollar sponsoring by oil company is not a bribe but lobbying....i need to do more English.

Elumelu is also a thief by EFCC.....We now know that its true that it takes a thief to catch a thief, that when Ndidi was shouting for power probe he dey do his own, not remembering that it is he without sin that should cast the first stone.

NCC, UBE, REA, NDIC ........who remain for Government, it seems EFCC is saying everybody is a thief ........ not only the governors, ministers, ribadu, el rufai but everybody.

Rebranding Nigeria......You can only rebrand what is a brand, so what is the Nigerian

Two Biggest lessons from Ekiti election......If Fayemi rigged in his local government and Oni rigged in his own na 1-1 goaless draw, AC should keep quiet. You can't understand women, what is mama REC saying about conscience, I still can't interpret.

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