Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abuse. ‘The Dele Momodu’s Style’

Uncle D in his Saturday column told us he is the 3rd Nigerian after Madueke representing the president and Anyaoku a former commonwealth secretary general to have an invitation to the Baptist church where Obama was having a pre-inaugural service or thanksgiving service like we call it in Naija. The week before that I think, it was about his closeness to the new Ghanaian president, I hope he won't tell us one day he is God the holy spirit.
The gist however is toward the end of that Obama’s article where he described Atiku, ‘We thought we now have principled politician at last…..’ I don’t know whether to ask Uncle D “what meaneth thou?” or maybe I should just call Chinua Achebe since he was in the country to help me interpret before things fall apart.

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