Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gbenga Obasanjo ……His Father’s son

Gbenga must really have learnt well from his father or where else could he have learnt the military strategy deployed in his divorce case.
When he filed the case he was nice, just talking of irreconcilable difference etc. When Moji replied asking for millions etc and both families seemed to be supporting Moji, Gbenga woke up….a true son of his father.
He suddenly started what was last year best seller story, surpassing his mum's published sob story,... I mean biography and, Elumelu’s house of reps power probe….'my wife is so beautiful and sexy, my dad loves her, her father could not hold himself, should I add any other name’ (are we talking about same moji)….pronto before he mentioned Bill Clinton too slept with her when he came to Nigeria and America took offence , everybody just started cooperating…….I love your style and in case you need a publisher or manager to sell the right to that story call my number we just need to put the disclaimer that it’s a work of fiction, you are only joking, a product of a fertile imagination….……what else can we add

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