Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Etim Esin and Jay Okocha are fighting

Two of the best midfielders Nigeria ever produced could not face each other on the football field so they are doing so now on the pages of newspaper and probably will do so in the law court.
Etim Esin have said though he felt bad that they humiliated and embarrassed him by searching him, his car and his wife just because of a stolen phone. He also lied to his daughter that it was a game can you imagine? What is he teaching the small girl? He however said he is going to court because he works for HITV and it wont be good for the image of the station. Please Oga Subair help us beg Bros Etim that your station can cope with the news and that Jay Jay have said he was not around when they started the search, but he stopped it when he discovered there was a search and said that he was sorry.
What does Etim want again, or he might be in court for years and he wont get anything oooo

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