Friday, January 30, 2009

Open Letter to Mike Okiro on the goat man of Ilorin

Dear sir,
I would have preferred to write the president but the senate have confused me whether he is on leave or on vacation. I also considered Mr Goodluck, but I don't know whether he is acting or vice president. I will have considered the Senate president or Speaker but I do not want to get involved in any co-chairman tussle.
We need you to look into the big fraud going on the Kwara state command. How can the police commissioner claim he sold a miracle goat, a national treasure, the man goat of Ilorin for three hundred naira only, haba!! A day old ordinary goat is worth more than that. I hereby volunteer to beat the price by paying 400 in any currency including Zimbabwean dollar. I have warned people that we should expect this when the man cut short his leave to handle the case himself and started speaking such big grammar as transmogrification.
Please help.

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