Sunday, March 1, 2009

Comedian of the Month

1. President Yaradua for his solution to the economic recession. Cut salary by 10% while allowing more corruption and the country will move forward, I will nominate him for a Nobel award in economics.
2. Ojo Madueke, Foreign Affair Minister ; the man has always been an entertainer extraordinaire. I hope we can still remember his bicycle incident but this month he surpasses himself.
Starting with him and his ambassador to US rubbishing the country by making public what should have been confidential. In most countries the ambassador will have left for personal reasons or health grounds. Madueke has won and Nigeria is the laughing stock of all western press. He also claimed that the witch children of Eket never happened that the parents and kids must have been paid. Is the guy real?
3. Ibrahim Lame, Police Minister. We thought the man cannot be better than last month, but by claiming that police are performing beyond expectation he broke all records. We are still wondering whether one of the reasons he was appointed minister is his sense of humor. I can just imagine him sitting beside Madueke during FEC meeting.
4. IBB…The maradona did not get the dribble right this time around. He claimed on Moment with Mo that he annulled June 12 to prevent future coup. Haba when Abacha took over from Shonekan a few months after, what was that?
5. Farida Waziri, EFCC chairman revealing that south west governor did not come to EFCC programme because they are not against corruption. We all know before that politicians in Naija are not against corruption but they did not come because they don’t take you and the new EFCC serious.

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