Friday, March 6, 2009

Police Stories 3...Didn't Inspector General Mike Okiro says bail is free?

I love Nigeria Police men, they are very innovative when it comes to making money.
The Inspector General is always fond of singing that bail is free but let me tell you from two experience how free is bail.
Experience 1: Police invited two of my people for a meeting over an unfounded an allegation. After the meeting they were told they cannot go except sombody signed bail. On the bail form it was written that bail is free that you should sign that you have not paid money for the bail and really as at then they did not request for money at all for the bail.
AFTER submitting the form, they refused to release my guy that no DCO to authorize. We were later told to get real that we either drop money or my people have to wait for DCO, that only Okiro think that bail is free, that if bail is free DCO signature is not free.
Experience 2: The court granted bail to two babes with the normal terminology that the surety must have a verifiable address. The police said that for them to confirm the address of the guarantor we will need to pay, if not the police will lock the babes up. Bail is free but to verify the bail is not free.
Oga Okiro is bail free?

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