Thursday, March 5, 2009

Senate fine Rilwan Lukman, Petroleum Minister

The minister of petroleum was given a fine by the senate committee earlier in the week. He was fined a whole four thousand naira for refusing to honour four invitations of the national assembly. At that rate I can afford to miss a hundred.
I remember some foreigners were fined 1 million naira each for stealing a whole shipload of crude oil......I think that is why oil bunkering is good business, the risk is very minimal.
Lucky Igbiniedon is so lucky that he was fined 3.5 million naira after stealing billions, and we ask why politician steal.
The most ridiculous however is still Salisu Buhari. He disgraced the whole country by lying about his age and academic credential to become Mr Speaker, the number four cuitizen of this country. I am sure the guy was shocked and confused when told he was to pay 2000 naira. He will be wondering whether the judge is joking.
That is why I love naija too much.....

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