Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Senators, Representatives and academic qualifications.

It was Governor Suswan of Benue state that started it all when he implied that the poor quality of debate in the house of representative was due to the level of education of the members.
He has apologized that he did not plan to insult the house but fact is sacred.
A survey by Thisday newspaper shows that its not only in age and maturity that the senate is the upper house but also in education. It will explain a lot of the house behavior including the fight that we must have 2 chairmen to write a new constitution.
Almost 25 % of the senate have a 2nd degree and none have less than a professionional certificate with most having first degree or HND, while the record of 2 cannot be confirmed.
In the house we have a lot of people claming to have WAEC/SSCE/NECO, we are not even sure they passed and not that it was when they were coming to the house they organized a certificate. A large number also have OND and funny diplomas.
The most funny is the number of not available, which I think might be a mistake. The NA probably means not applicable that education is not applicable to most of them. So the next time you feel the house is misbehaving or not making sense, just know it’s the level of education.

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  1. our problems right from the onset is that we are being ruled by illitrates and self centered people, so alot of people found it not necessary to be educated before occupying a post, as far as the money is there, what's their own with education? WE NEED DELIVRANCE FROM THE CLAWS OF ILLITRATES IN POWER.