Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Nigerian Dream

If we have a Nigerian dream like the American dream, what will be involved for a naija man to be successful? What does a youth need to do to achieve the naija dream?

I was told a long time ago to be rich you work for it, steal it, win a lottery, inherit it or marry it.

A newspaper over the weekend carried this survey about Naija youths and how they plan to achieve the naija dream.

40% believe fraud (yahooze), looting of government funds is the easiest way to wealth.
25% believe that traveling abroad for greener pastures.
20% believe education is the easiest way. Employment after schooling.
10% believe starting out as an entrepreneur mostly trading is the easiest.
5% believe in others.

What do you believe is the way to the naija dream, especially since most rich girls only marry rich boys.

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