Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let’s Implement Lagos Rent Control law

Do you know there are standard rents for different kinds of accommodation in Lagos and to pay more might land someone in jail? Both the person paying and the person collecting are guilty.
Do you know that Baba landlord is not allowed under this law to increase the house rent by more than 20% every 3 years…..
Do you know that for most houses, landlord are not allowed legally to collect 2 years upfront payment, the maximum is 6 months for a new tenant and 3 months for an existing tenant.
Do you know that it’s a law that you should not pay more than 5% for legal fee for preparing your tenancy agreement and also not more than 5% as agency fee? A breach might lead to 2 years in jail.
The Lagos rent control law also seeks to protect a tenant from the landlord’s arbitrariness by saying the tenant can only lose his tenancy after due recovery procedures and processes are complied with, by the landlord.
We should campaign that this law, which full name is The Lagos State Rent Control and Recovery of Residential premises law of 1997 must be enforced in Lagos and copied all over the country.
Do you feel this is possible?

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  1. This would be a super law! too super sef!

    lets lobby to get it into operation.. shebi the word is lobbying and has nothing to do with bribery... abi?

    oya lets go there!