Monday, March 2, 2009

The options before Buhari and Atiku

Two different newspapers over the weekend carried stories that both Mohammad Buhari and Abubakar Atiku are considering their options in respect to their presidential ambitions.
Buhari considering that he lost at the Supreme Court in a slim 4-3 margin, feels he should still give it one more try, that the final judge might vote for him this time even if he doesn’t win at the electoral box. He feels he has three options one for each of the Supreme Court judges that supported him. He can stay in ANPP, move with his supporters to another party or form a new party. We will advise unless there is a coalition of opposition parties to form a mega party he should just retire home.
Atiku we are told has 2 options, return to the PDP or…. We are not told the 2nd option but we feel like the single supreme judge that voted for him……. Atiku has only one option, go back to PDP. He is almost ostracize in AC, he cant even deliver his state like Orji kalu pointed out and he needs PDP probably more than PDP needs him.......what do you feel

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  1. Let get positive 4 a moment.
    I think dis shows their is hope 4 pple wit littleor no degree