Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Goat a pet or a farm animal..US board rule on dwarf Nigeria goat

According to news online, the south Milwaukee board of health voted unanimously that a dwarf Nigeria goat is a farm animal and not a pet. Based on the ruling the board is saying the goat must be removed from a home in the US. The health officers are however planning to give the owner time to find a new home for the goat.
The owner who is obviously very emotionally attached to his goat said "I understand. I have a pet. And I understand it's very difficult to not be able to keep that pet,"
I think the man should go to court since in America you can even get to supreme court over whether a goat is a pet or a far animal....
Really is a goat a pet or a farm animal, cos growing up we use to have many of them living in the house , so if its not a pet I think a Nigeria goat is not a farm animal but a house animal, what do you feel.

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  1. definitely a house animal... my brother had a pet goat and it did just fine.. its name was Rebby and Rebby knew his name and answered when called! he stank though! lmao