Monday, March 9, 2009

National Assembly Bastardize 2009 Budget

Newspapers have carried the story that what the national assembly did to the budget is pure sabotage and the members should be tried for treason. Its alleged that the house bastardized the budget so much that the presidency could not recognize it, maybe that was what led to the controversy last week that the budget was missing.
The house reduced allocations for most core sectors and areas that affect the citizens.
For example the 5.1 billion naira that Government put in the budget to provide water for you and I was reduced to 2 billion, the 6.5 billion to finish the Gas project maybe we will generate a little electricity was slashed to a miserly 1.1 billion. What about the 3.5 billion that was budgeted to transmit electricity so maybe I will finally stop using PHCN as back up to my generator? It was deem too much and reduce to 800million.
With all the reduction surprisingly the total budget was not really reduced because while the house is saying I should do without such basic things as electricity and water, it has increased its own budget from 64 billion naira to 113billion naira. They need more money to buy cars for committee at funny prices and condition, more sitting g allowance, more millions to spend on stationery they never buy etc while you and I can keep on managing.
God dey

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