Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ogbulafor thief, Anenih incompetence, but Action congress still misses it

Vincent Ogbulafor the chairman of PDP acquired a cheap 400 million house in Asokoro and the action congress are screaming blue murder.
Haba the man is chairman of the biggest party in Africa and when did collecting money from politicians and aspiring office holders become a crime? Like PDP is saying AC should stop being petty and grow up. Its Uncle Vincent’s time, let him make his money.
The man is not a public office holder so he doesn’t need to declare his asset or tell the public how he makes his money.
We are also surprised that AC is calling for Anenih’s removal like anybody will listen to them or that their view or opinion matter. They are also basing the call on his incompetence like uncle Tony was appointed because of his competence to run NPA. We need to point out however that the comedians in AC have not pointed out a better way to solve the port congestion issue. They know all the ways that won’t work but they don’t know one single way that will work.
God will save us from these politicians.

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