Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secret of reducing HIV prevalence; The Bauchi example

The novel is one week one trouble, but in Bauchi its one month, one news, and a fantastic one at that.
It was the governor, supposedly spending a month allocation to marry his daughter’s age mate. We told people that they don’t understand the way of politicians. Like in the olden days you marry to protect yourself and what better way to make sure you are protected from EFCC and you are sure of a 2nd term than to be the president’s son in law. People are even carrying the rumour that the governor will soon be a double governor since he might be made the CBN governor.
Later was the religious riot, with all the funny reasons from church being converted to car park, truck blocking the road and people fighting over not finishing prayer on time.
The latest story is that the state government is partnering with an NGO action aid to reduce HIV prevalence by encouraging AIDS infected people to marry each other. The offer includes sponsoring the marriage and giving the couple a take off grant to start the new family. We are told 94 couples have already taken the offer. We are told that since both of the couple are already HIV positive it will reduce the spread of the disease to others. This is a little variation of the Yobe state‘s solution
Nice one Oga Isa Yuguda

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