Sunday, March 1, 2009

Police stories Part 2……A journalist experience

A journalist Lanre Alfred narrates how he was attacked supposedly by armed robbers dressed in police uniform. They beat him black and blue, threatened to kill him, damage his car, collect his money, wrist watch, laptop and other personal belongings and finally let him go. Let’s allow Uncle Lanre to finish his story, after he got into his car and fled…..
‘…..The next police check I got to was behind the prestigious Sheraton hotel, I told the police about my ordeal, all what they could tell me was to go and bring the yobbos (robbers) that they would arrest them, very funny…….’
Oga lanre, just thank your luck the police men were in a good mood or they would have arrested you for being a public nuisance, giving false information, being negligent or joint commission etc.

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