Monday, March 9, 2009

Is Morgan Tsvangirai car crash an accident or CIA hit?

Conspiracy theorists are at it again.
They are asking whether the accident that claimed Susan Tsvangirai and caused the new Zimbabwe prime minister to ‘flee’ to Botswana is really an accident. They are maintaining how come everybody was so sure so soon after the accident that the driver of the haulage truck was asleep at the wheel not drunk, not on the phone but asleep. They are claiming the story was a setup created even before the accident and the target was the Prime Minister though they are not sure even the independent investigation will reveal it.
The suspect for the assassination attempt include Robert Mugabe, whose visit to the hospital is being described as shedding crocodile tears., stalwart of the Zanu party who see Morgan as the only barrier to their continual dominance in power. Others are even mentioning that some people in the prime minister’s party now see him as a traitor for agreeing to the power sharing deal and enjoying the perks of office while some of the party activists are still languishing in jail and they are also pointing out that MDC people knows Morgan’s movement so they have the motive and they have the opportunity.
Some people are also pointing out that the haulage truck that crashed into the car belongs to a foreign aid group and that smells of CIA. Did Morgan disagree with the west, did he go back on his agreement with them because really it’s the western press that really started ‘the driver was asleep campaign’.

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