Monday, February 2, 2009

A Black Pope?

Black don’t use to play at Wimbledon, the current champion is a black girl Venus Williams and her sister just won her 4th Australian and her 10th grand slam.

George Weah a black man was a world footballer of the year.

Powell was secretary of state and Obama is now president.

The shocker is the party of segregation; the Republican Party has just picked a Blackman as his chairman.

The archbishop of York is a Blackman, Archbishop Akinola leads the biggest movement within the Anglican church, Blacks pastor the biggest churches in America and a number of European countries. Redeem’s Adeboye is the only Christian leader in Newsweek’s 50 men of the year, Nigeria’s winner chapel has the biggest church.

We can continue to show that power especially in spiritual things is shifting towards the blacks so we wont be surprised if the holy spirit decides its time for a black pope. People have said the Catholic Church is conservative but nobody could see an Obama 10 years ago and we cannot limit the work of the Spirit.

My only regret is the retirement of Cardinal Arinze thereby reducing the chance of Nigeria producing the first black pope.

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