Monday, February 2, 2009

An open letter to Nuhu Ribadu

Dear Nuhu,

I was shocked about the claim in court by your counsel that you feared for your life and that you are looking for a job.

How can you fear for your life? As a devout Muslim you know you cannot die before the appointed time and you cannot add a day to your life. I am also not sure your enemies want to kill you. They have already stripped you naked in the marketplace by telling everybody that you only harass the thieves that are Obasanjo’s enemies, sack you and even leak the secret during your graduation at Kuru that you are sick, of cos you are sick if not why will you have served Nigeria with such vigor. It takes only a madman to go after powerful thieves. In my village nobody kills madmen so I can tell you that you can leave your village nobody is after you, don’t think anybody was deceived by the decoy of the rumour that you have traveled out, we all know you are in Adamawa.

Oga Nuhu, you are a lawyer so you know you can not look for work since you are still in court challenging your dismissal……Don’t mind the minister that said you will never come back, unless he has seen the judgement of the case you have not pleaded in court or he is saying the ‘rule of law’s’ government might not obey the court. He is out of point. He has forgotten nobody was expecting Obasanjo/Atiku’s new love affair, so you too might suddenly become a sought after bride.

You have other options, you too can visit Ibori and Co at home with Farida and apologize that what should they have expected from a short young man like you, or if your father in law can get you money to buy a house in Abuja, he can still get you money to do business, links for contract or a job.

You can also to write your story…it will be the No1 bestseller in this country and will be at least six volumes. I can’t wait for the volume on Tinubu and also the one on Odili.

In case you need a publisher talk to me.

I remain your only friend


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