Monday, February 9, 2009


Benue state governor and a former house of rep member himself has described the members of the house of representative as immature, uneducated and pointed out that most of them cant make meaningful contribution to bills.

Reacting to a speech by the house speaker during the convocation of the university of Abuja, Suswan used style to tell the house to stop blaming military rule and the executive for their shortcomings and look inward and that since the qualification is secondary school certificate most of them are illiterates who don’t understand what the house is about and hence cannot contribute meaningfully to bills etc and are therefore led by the nose. He also points out that most of them are immature. He later advocated higher educational qualification.

The house has reconfirmed by answering that Suswan should not have told them the truth since he was a house member before he became a governor and that higher education will disenfranchise some Nigerians. We are recommending no need for education at all and maybe age limit should be reduced to 12.

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