Friday, February 6, 2009

How to know a child will be a star footballer...Emmanuel Adebayo's Fairytale

Arsenal and Togo striker have finally revealed to us how it was discovered he will be a football star at the age of four.

He revealed how he was crippled and could not walk for the first four years of his life. His devoted mother, Alice criss crossed Africa looking for medical and spiritual solution for the young Emmanuel.

Emmanuel meaning 'God with us' finally landed with God in an undisclosed church having exhaust all other options. He was giving a week, that if God doesn't do it in that week, there is no more hope for him of ever walking talk less of running and playing football. The church started praying and the on the last day with the mother weeping somebody threw a ball inside the church and the lame young Emmanuel stood up and ran after the was a miracle.

Immediately it was obvious that he was one day going to be a football star. Today he is one of the nominees for African football biggest Awards.

I think Hollywood or Nollywood should be interested in the film rights.

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