Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Polio eradication cannot succeed in Nigeria

Investigations have shown that Polio eradication in Nigeria is a mirage.

Firstly, it is a poor man’s disease. The rich get vaccinated so its only the children of the poor that get paralyzed and in naija nobody cares for the poor unless you can make money from it.

Secondly it has been politicized. Politicians have said it’s a way to reduce the population of the north to give advantage to the south and people don’t change belief in Nigeria easily.

Thirdly, religion has been added to the brew. It’s a campaign by the western Christian so until Saudi Arabia sponsor an eradication project, people won’t believe it.

Lastly, our leaders are……. India President launched the eradication project, Pakistan Prime minister flagged off the project, where is Umar and Jonathan? We could not find Mark and Bankole. Until the political, spiritual and traditional leaders support the initiative, Nigeria will be the last stronghold of Polio in the world.

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