Sunday, February 8, 2009

House of reps 4 million naira Sallah/Xmas Bonus

We are told the latest crisis in Bankole’s house of rep is over whether the 4million given to them in December is an overdraft or a bonus. We wonder why the people that collected the money (since we discovered it’s not everybody), will assume they are special so it should be a bonus, or maybe they assume that it should be converted into a bonus and the rest of the house should collect their own. This notion is supported by the complaint by members, that why is the house returning 2 billion naira unspent fund, when really that will have paid for the bonus and still leave about half a billion naira?

The house that has not yet explained the inflated committee cars that was bought last year despite collecting money under monetization for cars, the rumor that the fight over constitution review is over the money to be spent and are now saying bank’s loan should be converted to bonus; we need to check the meaning of honorable again….

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