Thursday, February 12, 2009

Four ways to catch terrorist or criminals at the Airport

Since prevention is better than cure, its better to catch terrorist or criminals at the ports before they enter your country. Imagine if India has captured the terrorist before they enter we will not have had the Mumbai bloodshed.

Guardian newspaper has finally enlightened us on how master spies are stopping evil people before they enter and strike and here are four of them

1.Watch out for that country, name or religion…….If he is a Nigerian check him again for drug, suspect he is a 419..etc. If his name resembles Osama unless its Obama, he might be planning to hijack a plane, if he ia a Muslim, Pakistani etc…..
2.Compare his passport picture to his face…..It must resemble him, if not he is an amateur criminal just deport him, but in case he looks younger in the passport, don’t consider people look older five years after taking a picture, he must be a criminal.
3.He is shaking or sweating……If the man in front of you is sweating or shaking, don’t believe he is reacting to the change in weather, he is either carrying a deadly contagious flu or disease or he is a master criminal who cant control himself and is scared. You are a loser in both circumstances.
4.Check his bag…..For example if he is coming to the Caribbean and New Zealand and is not packing short, he must be a terrorist……..

Tell me others from your experience

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