Monday, February 2, 2009

How to be Oni Sijuwade

We have been wondering for days why the controversial and off the point speech by Ooni at Awolowo’s 100th birthday and book launch.

We discovered that of recent the fight between Alaafin and Olubadan has made them more popular and news worthy than the Ooni, so the smart royal father decided to get involved in the fight and give us his own version of the fight. He told us stories of meetings where the rest of the people involved are dead so we cant cross check though we cant even doubt a royal father. He also told us how people begged him to come to Nigeria as a prince to intervene in Olubadan getting a beaded crown etc…..I am waiting for the counter attack from the Alaafin’s camp because if they refuse to reply the Ooni might sue them for making him irrelevant.

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