Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ojo Madueke-Oluwole Rotimi Face-off

We have narrowed down the fight between the foreign affairs minister and the ambassador to the US to an ethnic issue. The ambassador called the minister a tribalist and abused Biafra… end of story.
The senate has however decided to find out how Nigeria became the laughing stock of the international diplomatic circle. What led to the issue? Is it the Obama inauguration, fight over money or does Madueke have his own candidate for the US office all along? Is it true that the fight is not a new thing but everybody in the US consulate and the foreign affairs ministry was aware of it all along?
Is the ambassador being quoted out of context and who leak the letters/memo to the world? What were they trying to achieve? In most countries, the ambassador might have been recalled but few if any will reveal such memo to the press. You don’t disgrace the country ….Anty Dora this is a re-branding we don’t need.

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