Monday, February 9, 2009

Oruma is a ‘one album musician’ ……LOC

Sources within Nigeria 99 LOC have explained their rationale behind choosing Kanu Nwakwo instead of Wilson Oruma as ambassador.

“You know some musician are one album star, they make one album and then fizzle out, what has Oruma achieved since 1993, can you compared it to Kanu, lets sell something that is sellable’’

Kanu won Dutch league and champion’s league with Ajax, FA and premiership with Arsenal, scored the winning goal last year for Portsmouth to win the FA….he doesn’t need us to brand him, he is a brand already, that is why you will see him in advert for corporate organization, not because he is a fine boy….

Oga Oruma, really I think they have a point unless you can prove otherwise, the ball is in your court……..

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