Friday, February 6, 2009

I prefer to leave HITV....Etim Esin.

Etim Esin have reacted to his suspension by HITV by accusing his CEO Toyin Subair of conniving with Okocha to destroy him. Etim Esin at first claimed he was suing Okocha because of his image as an HITV analyst so as to protect the HITV brand. We are still trying to find out why Toyin and Jay Jay will be after brother Etim.
We are also investigating how was much was Okocha's Xmas gift, since Uncle Etim says its only 50, 000 and not 100,000. We also discovered from him that IBB is a lover of football and is always ready to dole out money to any former international, so other players should please take note.

We advised last week that this case will bring no good, we are still saying same.....Drop the case Uncle Etim.

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