Monday, February 23, 2009

Ribadu takes naija reporters’ advice

An unconfirmed report says that Nuhu Ribadu is set to reveal all. The enfant terrible and most wanted man in Nigeria at the moment we are told is planning to release 2 books into the market before the end of the year. Remember we advised him to publish and even volunteer to represent him free of charge.
The first book is titled ‘The problem of corruption in Africa: The Nigeria experience’. It is Ribadu trying to be philosophical, trying to find a solution to the problem of corruption. The essay or book will not be of much interest in Nigeria cos we are not sure anything but God can save us.
The second book is untitled yet but we can tell you its going to be a blockbuster because it will reveal all., Odili, Ibori, Tinubu, Obasanjo, Atiku , Balogun, Adenuga etc. Lawyers are going to make money as people head to court to stop the books and to claim damages, newspapers will make money because we will have enough advertorial explaining the issues involved. We won’t be surprised if the book get on Times bestseller list or wins an award
Ribadu’s colleague in school, the Kenyan John Githongo earlier today released his own book ‘OUR TURN TO EAT’ about his experience in Kenya. Can people suggest title for Nuhu Ribadu so that we wont have any delay of the release.
Oga Nuhu, since you are not giving us the marketing right of the book, what of the movie right? The documentary/film will definitely win an Oscar.

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