Monday, February 9, 2009

The many sins of El Rufai……

El Rufai’s crimes are not the allocations at the last hour, that is done everywhere, even America president dash out pardons at the last moment like its going out of business. Why is he the only guilty minister of FCT? Even Smart Adeyemi has to remind senators to fear God.

The number one sin is that he reminds people too much of Ribadu. I wonder who played outside whether it was Pa Ribadu or Pa Rufai but one did because they must be half brothers. To remind people of Ribadu is an unforgivable sin.

Sin number two is his stature. I think the man is too short and wiry. We have this notion that a short man is a bad and dangerous man, they cause most of the world’s trouble, and nobody trusts a lean man.

Sin number three is that he talks too much. Even if senators ask you for bribe why tell people? If they are not making sense or being childish you are supposed to smile and not point it out. You don’t need to tell people you are right all the time.

Sin no four is that he was a mad man. Only a mad man is over zealous in Nigeria. What concerns El Rufai and Abuja master plan, even if we build hotels in green areas and build mansions on drainages, why was he working like it was his father’s business, Nigerians don’t want it, don’t deserve it and don’t appreciate it.

I still feel the problem is its in his Genes. He must be Ribadu’s half brother, because Ribadu is guilty of all these crimes too.

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