Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ribadu goes to school

Most of us growing up enjoyed the storybook Akin goes to school and Eze goes to school. Recently it was El rufai goes to school but we have now confirmed that the latest is Ribadu goes to school.
Erstwhile EFCC chairman, has disproved our claim that he must be hiding in Adamawa as it is authoritative that he is a post graduate student in Oxford University. Ribadu who already has a masters in law is doing a research on effective anti corruption agencies.
One of his colleagues in school is the Kenyan, former Anti corruption crusader John Githongo, who is releasing his book ‘Its Our Turn to Eat. The book is detailing his discovery of the corruption in Kenya.
Like we pointed out earlier about the similarity between Ribadu and Elrufai, both of them are also doing postgraduate courses in Oxford and Havard at the same time. Is it in the genes or do they just like copying each other ?

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