Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nigeria wins more awards in the UK

A few weeks after we spoke about Nigeria’s stock exchange winning award for free fall, and Nigeria being the world leader in polio, we have discovered two other areas we are setting the pace in UK.
Nigeria has the 3rd highest no of foreign Student in UK universities. First and second are China and India and everybody knows those 2 countries are just too many, I still can’t imagine population in billions. We are investigating whether our own schools are that bad, we don’t have enough universities, we have plenty of money cos those schools are expensive or is just we like anything foreign.
The 2nd award is that we have the 2nd highest no of foreign prisoners in UK cells. We are told that Jamaica is the only country ahead of us. Unconfirmed report is that the number is that high because every black foreigner arrested is assumed or claimed to be a Naija.
So if you have anybody in UK you can’t trace, he is probably in University or in Prison.

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