Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Body; Alaafin Adeyemi takes Ooni Sijuade to the cleaners

Naija reporters earlier in the year warned the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade against getting involved in the war among the royal father in Oyo state.
Our prediction have come true as the Alafin’s boys have taken the Ooni to the cleaners claiming that he is a chronic busy body, a dry fish that cannot bend so he cannot learn. They claimed in the past that the Egba, Ijebu, Yewa, Lagos etc have all told him to mind his business but that since Ooni’s problem is inherent and in his genes he cannot learn or change.
They also told him he is consistently inconsistent about his own history which he doesn’t even know. Are they calling him a bastard? How can they claim he doesn’t know his history?
The war has just started…

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  1. I just one guy's account who tried to delved into history of Oyo by saying that the present Oyo belong to Oja and that he (Oja) agreed for Alaafin Atiba to reside there in principle and being friends. This is a lie because no one then dared to confront Iku Baba Yeye in Yoruba Empire then. It is suffice to say that wherever Alaafin or any of his subject move to, people pay homage to them and that was the reason many towns and cities founded around the Yorubaland have the signature of Oyo princes. You can go into achive and you will find out that Cities like Ede, Gbonga, Modakeke, Ilorin, Ogbomosho, and Oke Ogun cities and towns were all among those ones.

    Meanwhile, Ogiyan of Ejigbo have mortgage his hard earned education for sychophantism or servitudes to Ooni. He has forgotten what he signed for in 1980. He also forgotten that Ooni wasn't a legitimate son of Oduduwa and that Oranmiyan (the first Alaafin) having being powerful and the only one at home when their father died would have become the King in Ile-Ife but he chose to move out and establish a city to prevent the incursion of the adversaries from invading their territory which may be the reason Ooni took over the throne of Ife. The talk now is not about Lamidi Adeyemi but about the Oyo stool. Oyo empire had a complete ruling council and established government which presided over the whole Yorubas then. So where was Ooni then? This is not about money. The present Ooni is arrogant and naive so also many sychophants who had in the past tried to distort history. But this is impossible because we easily refer to achive to correct the wrong.

    'Kunle Ojo (Birmingham, UK)