Monday, February 2, 2009

Thisday Best and Worst dressed award

We are all still talking about Michelle Obama and her daughters dressing for the inauguration and praising their advisers.

Lets praise Oshiomole’s advisers for the safari suit he wore to the Thisday award. He was really looking like a comrade and a lot of people will be wondering what he was doing there since he was looking out of place. Uncle Adam, Edo people will judge you based on your performance not whether you refuse to dress up and the rumour is that you have a convoy of 25 cars, just reduce it and the fuel money for 10 of those cars will change your wardrobe.

Bukola Saraki is not just handsome but has style and is unique but Toyin was so well dressed that they just had to praise her diamond. The carpenter that nailed that cloth together is wicked but her supporters have said at least she did not hawk her mammalian gland like the wives of some governors and MDs…I wont mention names

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