Monday, February 23, 2009

State Creation: Do we really need more

We used to have 3, later it became 4, increased by 300% to 12, and people still wanted more. It became 19, later 21, we increased it to 30 and its now 36 but the agitation for more states never ends.
People are asking for such states as Katagun, Apa, Shira, Adada, Equity, Orlu, Aba, Ogoni, Ugwuka, Tiga, Gari,Savannah, Njaba Remo-Jebu, Anioma, Obigbo, Ibadan Kaduna south and even Oduduwa and Equity.
Let me use three of the names, Equity, Gari and Apa to explain my view, to have ‘Equity’ (just imagine a state with a name like that) my father's house must be given a state of its own, and you know its all about ‘Gari’ we are all fighting about what we are going to eat. Finally most of the agitators are just ‘Apa’, wasters who just want to waste the country’s scarce resources to pay more public office holders than to develop the country.
Create more states so I can get my own share of the national cake.

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