Friday, February 6, 2009

Etim Esin Lied.......Toyin Subair (HITV BOSS)

Vanguard newspaper have carried the story that HITV have suspended sport analyst and former Nigeria International Etim Esin over the stolen phone case involving him and former Nigerian captain Jay Jay Okocha.

Toyin Subair said he had no other option than to suspend Etim Esin because he found out the truth.
“I found out that Okocha wasn’t the one that ordered Etim searched; I found out that Etim was not the only one searched. I found out that Okocha apologised to Etim and Okocha’s wife knelt down to apologise to Etim’s wife, gave her a kiss and everything calmed down and the party continued. Etim claimed that he was searched in the presence of his daughter who wanted to know what they were doing to her dad and Etim told her they were playing a Christmas game.

I found out that Etim’s daughter was upstairs playing with other kids when he was being searched and what Etim said wasn’t true. I found out that Okocha also gave Etim money as Christmas gift and the man probably went home happy only for him to surface later and change things. I found out the truth from Etim’s wife. When I found out the truth my body started shaking, I became scared of Etim and insisted he would have to retrace his steps otherwise he could do it to anybody including those of us on HITV. That’s why I asked him to apologise,” Subair said.


  1. Is Okocha a shareholder of HiTV for Toyin Subair to take such a one sided action? I have lost maximum respect for Subair because he does not care about the image of HiTV. Subair is not a demi-god. Nigeria is a country where someone who should apologise to you tells you to tender an apology and blackmail you with your job because he is richer than you. Telling Etim to apologise is the biggest insult in the history of Nigeria. Subair was not there and should not have accepted what Okocha told him. He should have been neutral. Etim Esin will have the last laugh but he needs a mentor and must accept that he is a fallen star. He should stop taking money from Okocha and earn himself some respect. When Subair suspended Etim god opened another door for him at Pay TV.

  2. Dear Anonymous, Okocha does not have to be a shareholder for Mr Subair to take action against Etim in the interest of HiTV. You must understand that Tv presentation is a very sensitive affair, especially as relates to sports. No employer would like to air a mischief maker who claims one thing whereas his wife claims another. Etim's statements so far depicts a man who bears grudges and envy,else, why should he compare himself and Okocha in a shameless manner even when there was no reason for such. He wants to clear his name by Suing Okocha for 100,000,000 naira? Why did he accept the cash gift Okocha gave to him on the said party day? If Okocha's wife knelt down openly at the venue to beg his wife and kissed her, what other apology is greater than that and how does such act look as if he was being setup?

  3. I ask,,, Is Toyin Subair still a born again christian ?