Sunday, February 22, 2009

US behind attack on Equatorial Guinea……MEND

The movement for the emancipation of Niger delta MEND has revealed that the attack on Equatorial Guinea was a ploy by the US government to sow fear so that African countries might support the idea of AFRICOM. This has not disproved the claim by the Equatorial Guinea government that the attack was conducted by militants from the Niger delta. Mends revelation is just about the sponsor and the rationale behind the attack.
The Nigerian Government has however come out to say it is not a party to the attack, and also pointed out that external party and or Niger delta militants might be involved.
US has however described the allegation as unfounded, inaccurate, amazing and baseless. It has been pointed out that Pakistan initially denied that its citizens were involved in the Mumbai attack. We agree that it might be inaccurate but America has done such in the past so it cannot be baseless, amazing and unfounded….Time will reveal the truth.

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