Monday, February 9, 2009

Calculating Ransom in the Niger Delta

The wife of former petroleum minister and royal father Daukoru has been free for 10 million naira.
Contrary to earlier demand of withdrawal of troop from Nembeland, the kidnappers have as usual collected cash and released their victim.
This freedom fighter ala elder statesman and Ijaw leader Clark, also released a young son of an oil worker who was earlier kidnapped and his sister killed for 5 million naira ransom. If this is freedom fighting its better not to be free.

We have put together an expert team who will derive a formula to be used by this militia/freedom fighters to calculate ransom so everybody will agree on the worth of any hostage since its an everyday occurrence and everybody is at risk from commissioners to priest, from old grandfather to young boys.

Watch out on this page for the formula in the next few weeks

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