Monday, February 23, 2009

When Abubakar Atiku abused Orji Kalu.

In my village they will say that abuses finish in the house of its owner. It was Orji Kalu that went to look for trouble by repeating what everybody has been saying and know all along that Abubakar Atiku is not principled or that he betrayed some of his supposedly supporters by his visit to Obasanjo. It was nothing new, just Orji trying to be relevant and telling Nigeria he is still alive, but he got more than he bargained for.
‘He is a liability and not an asset to any serious person. It is a measure of how low this country has descended that a man standing trial for corruption should be going around with a swagger and maligning his elders in order to earn some political points’…Round 1
‘As someone who occasionally suffers from memory loss and deliberately distorts history to suits his selfish motives’……..Round 2
‘Blinded by his own ambition and the delusion that the presidency of Nigeria is open to just anyone with money and sufficient rascality’……Round 3
‘Grow up because a man nearing 50 should not continue to play the jester, in case he does not know this, few people take him seriously in this country’………Round $
Let’s stop, but if your friend describes you this way Uncle Kalu, how will your enemies. I expect a reaction from your side as this abuse is just too much.

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