Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why they are fighting in Bauchi……

We have different stories about all the riots in Bauchi and they all seem impossible.
The first story is that two Islamic sects were fighting over the use of the mosque. A sect did not finish on time so a quarrel started and the mosque was set ablaze. Other Muslims not knowing who set the mosque on fire started rioting.
Another is that some Muslims politely requested the use of a church compound to park their cars which was not granted. Can you imagine such an affront, so an argument ensued and because the church was not converted to a car park it was burnt, life and properties were lost.
Another is that a truck broke down between a church and a mosque and the Muslims assumed that the Christians intentionally set up a barricade to disturb them from going for Friday prayers and before you can say Jack Robinson….
Nobody has told me any reason that makes sense, a reason that the riot will be worth it….We need prayers in this country.

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