Sunday, February 8, 2009

Footballers at War 2: Marseille Oruma Vs Portsmouth Kanu

As Segun Odegbami and co are finally seeing reason with us and looking for an amicable resolution to the war between Austin Okocha and Etim Esin another war has started between Wilson Oruma and Kanu Nwankwo over the Nigeria 2009 project.

Oruma has accused Kanu and the LOC of trying to rewrite history by adding Kanu to Ugbade and Lukman as the ambassador for the forthcoming under 17 world cup. He said the other 2 footballers are captains of the 1985 and 2007 winning team and him as captain of the 1993 team should be the ambassador not Kanu.

Without saying so, he is implying Kanu shortchanged him and that means Kanu must have used his position as Super Eagle captain to collect what should rightfully be Oruma’s or maybe some cash changed hands……I think Bankole’s House or EFCC should quickly investigate.

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